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In the previous post, I introduced you to my site Live Longer World. In this post, let me introduce you to two special characters, Molly and Doug, who are a crucial part of the site. They will be your teachers, your friends and derps to laugh at as you continue your journey with Live Longer World.


Molly’s path has been kinda windy. Like Doug, she started off in Investing but soon realized she was a better fit for the startup world. While working in Investing, she had to find a means to deal with the frustration, which resulted in Molly meeting her first love: weightlifting and working out. The journey has made her meet several companions along the way: biking, running, tennis, hiking and nutrition and longevity science! Once Molly began to understand that there is science that can reverse aging and a lot of it can be applied through simple lifestyle interventions, she was hooked. She couldn’t stop learning more about it and making herself the test subject. Molly immediately started to feel a difference when following some of these nutrition, exercise, sleep and other lifestyle protocols. She felt healthier, sharper, happier and in possession of some secrets! She knew she had landed on a gold mine and couldn’t wait to teach her friends and family about it.

Her time with her friends ended up being her preaching on longevity science. But she soon realized that the science was complicated for some people and frankly speaking, boring! They wanted to learn the science plus practical applications in a fun, easier way. Molly deeply cared to make it happen - more people had to be let in on the secrets so they too could be healthier & happier! So Molly thought and thought about how the information could be compelling and accurate and Live Longer World was born! Ta-da. 

Molly is also an avid reader, practices Vipassana meditation, and loves to discuss and be preachy about life philosophies (you guessed right, she can get preachy). If you are ever interested in talking about these interests instead of longevity science or fitness, you can still hit her up! Promise, she won’t take offense. Hmm, maybe just a tad bit.


Doug is a 28 year old Investment professional who was based out of New York, till COVID taught him how to be a semi digital nomad and live in and around beautiful national parks for months at a time. About 3 years ago, Doug started looking for life wisdom which is often hard to find within his community of Finance bros. So Doug branched out into arenas involving meditation (it was how Doug & Molly initially bonded!), biking (are bikers wiser??), and hiking. A year ago his search was over - he found the wisdom in Molly! (Molly is writing this hehe) While Doug still loves Investing, thanks to Molly, he is not glued to his computer all day long and spends a decent chunk of his time doing outdoor activities, playing tennis and lifting. And not to forget, optimizing his nutrition and supplements! Molly is still trying to get him to sleep better and step away from the late-night Finance hours which lead to nothing but snacking on walnuts. A must-know fact about Doug is that he eats way too many nuts and avocados. And I mean waaay too many. No wonder he’s a nut himself!

Doug & Molly

Doug and Molly are in love. Aww. While Molly may sometimes seem up in the clouds (these creative types you know), she cares a TON for Doug and feels very grateful to have him in her life. After all, he is her investment advisor! ;)

Doug might pretend to be cool, but he too is a big nerd. He secretly really enjoys learning about all the science. And Molly explains it in such a fun way that why wouldn’t he? Doug considers Molly to be the resident health expert, but he sure is stubborn and Molly has to do a good job explaining the science to convince him of certain lifestyle hacks. But at the end of the day, Doug feels lucky he’s actually managed to find a wise partner! (You know it by now -- Molly is writing this!)

Other fun things to know about Doug and Molly is that they are semi-nomadic, play a lot of tennis, do a lot of camping, will go on some long strenuous hikes, and jump into freezing cold lakes! Cause it’s totally normal, you know? Oh, and you may casually catch them doing 3 day water fasts for longevity reasons!

Doug and Molly hope you are as excited to learn about longevity science as they are to teach you about it! They are here to show you how to optimize your health in a fun, scientific and actionable manner. Who knew those adjectives go together??

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