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Update on Aging post; Science is cool; Where did open debate go?

Happy nearly August! (the month of vacation?? :D) Yes, we are about to enter the 8th month of 2021 already!! Time flies, so it’s never too early to reverse aging hehe :)

I wanted to give an update on the next post - I had planned on releasing Part 2 of The Aging series (the what, the why, the fix) today (I know you can’t wait!), but turns out that the scientific research is taking longer than expected. I keep diving into rabbit holes as I learn and read more on it - it’s fascinating! But stay tuned cause next week you will learn about one of the major causes of aging (DNA Methylation) and also about Epigenetic clocks. And sneak peak - it is connected to David Sinclair’s epigenetic theory of aging too! Who would have thought?? Anyway, I won’t drop these terms anymore, but you will soon know all about them in the weeks to come!

In the meantime, enjoy some of these comics that I’ve been dabbling with. The first one tells you an amazing science fact. And the second one is a surprise philosophy comic - you get an early look! If you like them, follow me on Instagram @longevitycomics and Twitter @livelongerworld where I post more of these! And share them with your friends!

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Science is pretty cool!

Although let’s be real - Kardashians gossip is entertaining! But can’t we have room for some science fun too?

And now, the societal musing / philosophy comic! You all are the special first ones to take a look at it! Watch out for the Harry Potter reference.

Where did Open Debate go?

Where did open debate and discussion vanish? We now seem to live in a society where it’s difficult to openly talk about “controversial” or “sensitive” topics. Ayn Rand is a good example where a lot of people automatically dismiss her writing just at the mention of her name. People simply associate it with dislike and are not willing to engage in a deeper conversation and truly understand her philosophy. Even if we do not agree with her philosophy, why is there so much hesitation to even talk about it?

Cancel culture has overtaken society and polarization has increased. It’s okay to have divergent viewpoints. In fact, if everyone thought the same way, we’d live in a homogenous bubble and creativity and innovation would be stifled. Sure, there might be some objectivity to a lot of viewpoints but if we don’t even discuss them in a healthy manner, we shall never arrive at the objective answer. I hope we can once again begin to have healthy discussions and debates with people who do not share our viewpoints.

That’s all for now! Happy weekend everyone and hope you enjoy some science and healthy debate. As always, for any feedback, respond to this email or email me at livelongerworld@gmail.com. And if you are learning from and enjoying my work, please make sure to spread the word. You don’t want to be 100 years of age without your friends, I’m sure! :)

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