Ketogenic Diet

Keto for better cognitive and mitochondrial health

Ketogenic diet is the new rage,

Locking my carbs in a cage,

But could it actually be a sage?

Its weight loss benefits are well known,

For boredom’s sake, I’ll skip those,

Read on to learn some more.

Keto started as epilepsy treatment,

It could also prevent Alzheimer’s demon.

Effective it is for neurodegenerative illness,

For healthy individuals, what’s its business?

Scientists will not veto,

That NAD+ is increased by keto,

NAD+ is a known wealth,

For mitochondria and cell health.

Sirtuins are enzymes NAD activates,

Among its many functions to state,

Suppressing cancer tumor has weight.

Sirtuins also reduce amyloid plaque formation,

And break down the cognitive decline station.

Sugar-eating bacteria is starved through keto,

Expect stable blood sugar and reduction in kilo.

Want to hear how your energy will benefit?

Be prepared for mitochondrial biogenesis.

When brain uses ketones for fuel,

Energy crashes will lose the duel,

Stable energy will come through,

No more Monday morning blues.

Less anxious you will feel,

As keto helps GABA release,

Keto could increase your neuron count,

As BDNF levels mount.

Try for yourself, give it a shot,

Keto could be your jackpot.

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