Gut Health

Importance of gut health for immunity, controlling inflammation and mood!

What is all this talk on gut health?
Can a healthy gut bring me more wealth?

The vagus nerve is the gut-brain train,
90% of its signals go from gut to brain.
My Momma says I’ll have better cognition,
if I turn on a healthy gut ignition.

Compounds in gut produce immune cells,
In strengthening gut barrier, they are swell.
T-reg immune cell is one such type,
It rightly deserves all the hype.
Helping prevent autoimmune disease,
Much of your pain can be eased.

These days I’ve been rather happy,
It’s because my gut is not sappy.
For 95% of body’s serotonin, gut's a store,
It’s what controls my sleep, appetite, mood and more.

Alright, I’m convinced, 
I want to improve my gut health now,
Will you please care to tell me how?

In order to prevent gut disorder,
You nourish it with good fodder.
Dietary fiber is your friend,
Trust me, this is not just a fad trend.

So what is the recommended daily fiber, I’m thinking?
Less than 35gram and you’d be skimping!
Another fact, hear me slay
Our ancestors ate 150gram fiber a day!

Another important point before I break,
Please diversify your fiber intake.
Lentils, nuts, mushrooms and whole-grains are a good source,
Follow this and you will become a new force!

You may think I’m nuts,
But make sure to love your gut!

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