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Hi everyone. My name is Aastha Jain and I host the Live Longer World Podcast where I have conversations with scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and other advocates that are transforming the field of longevity science and biotech.

Longevity science deals with the science of aging. Aging is the number one risk factor for all age-related diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s. As such, scientists began to wonder: Why don’t we target the biology of aging itself?

I speak to scientists, entrepreneurs and others who are trying to understand why we age and mechanisms to increase lifespan (number of years you live), healthspan (number of healthy years you live) and overall longevity.

If you’re wondering whether longevity science if relevant to you, it 100% is since aging is universal and I’m not sure of anyone who doesn’t wish to live a healthy life. But you can read my full argument on why longevity science matters here.

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Conversations and Interviews with Scientists, Entrepreneurs & Other Advocates that are transforming the field of Longevity Science & the Science behind Aging - How can we boost our longevity now and in the future?


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