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Welcome to the Live Longer World Newsletter! My name is Aastha Jain and I create content on longevity science and health optimization.

How I can help you! 😄

There is great science coming out on how you can boost longevity, slow and reverse aging. Well, of course you want to optimize your health! But the problem is:

  • You don’t have the time to read up on and understand the science to optimize health

  • You don’t know how to figure out the highest impact levers to boost longevity

  • You don’t know how to parse through the plethora of “health content” out there

Worry not, I have you covered! I will do the research. I will interview researchers in the field. I will experiment on myself. And then, I will provide you with the best scientific information on longevity biotech and health optimization in a simple, actionable manner. My writings will ensure that you understand the science and they will directly apply to your life to boost health!

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Live Longer World YouTube and Podcast is where I have conversations with scientists & entrepreneurs transforming the field of longevity science and longevity biotech. Popular podcast episodes:

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I want to provide high-quality content and the posts / podcasts take me a while to research & write. So I’d love your support!

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Thanks for reading and I hope you join me in this journey of slowing aging! 🥑

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